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Professional Accounting Software Consulting Company in Singapore

If you are searching for a good accounting software company in Singapore, it must be able to provide solutions to solve your pain points problem whether you are a Small Business (Sole proprietor) or Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) or Multi-National Companies (MNC) in a different sector of the industry.

There is no one size fits all solutions as different businesses have a different focus of their organization needs. Normally, it is a challenge for Small and Medium Businesses to choose the right accounting software that are providing solutions to their daily needs.

21AS Pte Ltd is the subject expert in accounting software where we have a team of professional accountants who have evaluated each software application prior to signing up for a business partner account. We conduct the functional test ourselves. The first-hand user experience helps us gain an understanding of how the different features work and whether the software is suitable for the different industry needs (e.g. retail, construction, restaurant, trading, etc) and the price tags worth their value. It also helps us assess the user experienced to validate the software as what the vendor claimed.

We also evaluate the after-sales support and contacted each vendor to measure the service of the quality of their customer support. In this way we have all the results of testing, research and information easily available for companies that wanted to buy an accounting software instead of you spending time and effort doing your own research.

Hire an independent professional accounting software consultant for free to give you the best advice and solutions. You will be paying the same price for the software as if you buy direct from the vendor.

The followings are the evaluation and validation criteria of each software:

  • Value for money
  • User experience and ease of use
  • After-sales customer service support
  • Time-saving features
  • Scalability and versatile in integration with existing hardware and third-party apps
  • Accountant access
  • Different reporting capabilities
  • Mobile access and mobile features
  • Limitations on the service and data size e.g. quantity of customers, invoices process, users assess, and transactions packages allow
  • Additional services like bank feeds, internet banking, tax preparation and payroll services

Our Services

Software Selection Advisory

We provide free consultancy in mapping out your business processes and identify the accounting software that is suitable to your organisation.



Free Demo and Trial

We provide Free accounting software demo and demonstrate to you on the different feature that you require. A trial version shall be provided for selected  software for you before you purchase.


Engaging our onboarding services. We will walk you through during implementation to ensure that the different accounting process and transactions within functional modules are in order and ensure your team is able to operate seamlessly.

Network infrastructure and cloud service

We conduct network infrastructure analysis and provide solutions in integration between your existing computer system to the accounting software.Cloud hosting service is also available.


We will provide you a comprehensive training manual and user training to ensure that you can operated and navigate the system confidently.

After Sales Support

We provide after-sales support via e-mail or online support or hotline support to ensure that there is minimum impact to your daily operations. Sign up the maintenance services.


Generic Accounting Software Solutions

Cash Flow Management

Manage cash flow on a real-time basis. Bank feeds automatically import transactions from your bank into your accounting software.

Digital Experience

Integration with other systems such as online banking and e-filing of income tax

Assets Management

Monitors and maintains your valuable assets in a centralize it a central database location

Customer Management 

Manage your of appointments from customer and analysis of customer purchasing cycle and behavior.

Data Analytics 

Automation of reports and analysis excellent tools for expansion budgeting and acquisition

Productivity Management

Less time to complete task , reduction of errors increase productivity and efficiency of staff

Time Management

Fast in processing between sales and invoicing. Peppol e-invoicing.

Inventory Management 

identify products are company assets, monitoring of raw materials and supplies for production planning and the finished products that is ready to be delivered to end customers or consumers

Automation of Tasks 

Process automation in payroll, CPF contribution, staff annual leave compilations, petty cash claim and unpaid invoice reminder

Some of these complex processes need customization where those accounting software off the shelf may not be useful. You require support from the accounting software company to make the necessary changes and perform user acceptance test (UAT) before it goes live.

An accounting software must be designed to interface and integrate with other hardware, software and Apps application such as HR systems, CRM systems, bar code scanner, cheque printer or online banking.

We provide you the accounting software and systems so you can Focus On Your Business

Seek professional independent consultant advise to provide you the best options in your choice of accounting software. You save time and money on your research.

Get Started

21AS Pte Ltd Five Spheres, One Mission.

Our company mission is to provide you the best accounting software that provide you value added solutions to your business. Under commit and over delivery is always our unique selling proposition. Our 5 Spheres Mission are

  • Secure – Data security and back up is paramount to ensure data integrity
  • Use Friendly – Simple, easy to understand and operate independently
  • Versatile – Adaptable in Integration with different system or software
  • Customer Focus – Satisfaction feedback from customer is our greatest reward
  • Improvement – Open for feedback and comments for improvement


User Friendly


Customer Focus


Which Accounting Software Company Singapore is suitable for you?

21AS have a team of Chartered Accountants and IT professionals that had a true knowledge of various accounting software in the market. We have the expertise in providing a quick diagnostic of different needs of the organization.

The different organization have different business vision and objectives. The organization culture staff competency level in the adoption of the accounting software is also different where you require an independent consultant with in-depth knowledge and understanding of user experience to advise you.

21AS could provide you with the recommend accounting software immediately or shortlist 2 to 3 choices of accounting software that is suitable for your business that fits your desire budget in this way it saves you a lot of time and resources in screening through the different accounting software companies. Most importantly this is a free assessment service for your company.

As an independent 3rd party we are able to provide you with a free assessment and a perfect recommendation of the right accounting software that comes with the applicable government grant available whether if you are a small business, Small and Medium enterprise or big MNC.

Popular Accounting Software company

Most companies have the perception that buying a popular brand of accounting software is the right choice but not knowing that the main target of this software is catered for the mass market and might have a constraint in scalability where they require to change the accounting software if their business expand.

Established software brands like SAP, Million, SAGE, Xero, Quick Books, SMECEN, Moneyworks, Ostendto and the list goes on it can never be a single software that suits all the industry.

  • Perform a preliminary assessment in understanding the potential problems, organization background and requirements of our clients with our customized checklist
  • Propose solutions in resolving the client’s problems as well as meeting the expectation of the budget
  • Evaluate the technical competency of the organization and provide comprehensive training according to users’
  • Provide good after-sales support services and reliable maintenance
  • Develop utility software to further enhance the existing standard modules

Business Consultants who come to you

We understand that you are busy juggling on day to day activities, so let our Business Consultants attend to all your problems by proving practical solutions. We will help you to

  • brush and clean up your reporting systems,
  • to ensure there are no gaps in your employee paperwork
  • understand and walk through the commercial challenges and opportunities that you are facing in your business.
  • Provide you solutions and help you to set up a more productive and cost effective bookkeeping or payroll support with our accounting team
  • Narrow down the accounting software choices by making a list of small business accounting features you need to run your business.
  • Review and ensure the necessary business accounting features to cater for your needs (e.g.  Inventory management, CRM Manage customer contacts or work with your current contact management software, HRM payroll, leave management)



Voices of Our Customers

Very professional in providing us free advisory and recommendations on the accounting software that we require.We save a lot of time on research and evaluations. Good job and keep up the good effort.

Adeline Khoo

Financial Controller, Roban Global

The ERP software is intuitive and easy for everybody to operate without any issue. The customer support is fast in responding to provide us the respond on our queries. Well done and highly recommended.

Rachel Chen

Account Manager, Bloom Fast Track Pte Ltd

Very patience in providing us a comprehensive evaluation and recommended us the best practices accounting solutions. The software recommended enable us to be more efficient and productive.

James Thompson

Managing Director, Supor Far East

Great user experience of the recommended ERP software solution integrate very well with our existing POS terminal and equipment that provide us some savings in the implementations. Good job.

Leonard Wong

Accounts Director, Eurowings International

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