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Managing a restaurant is or operating a F&B outlet is really hard work apart from the fierce competition, high rentals, good quality food, high level of hygiene and the pressing challenge is the prevailing manpower crunch. The government actually incentivise business owners to train their staff in adopting new technology to increase productivity in solving this labour intensive industry.

Why do you need to use restaurant accounting software?

As a F&B operator or restaurant owner you may choose not to run it single handedly especially if you have a food chain with multi locations you require a more robust system

The best restaurant accounting software should be able to give you a clear overview of your business financial positions

  • Easy to implement and operate
  • Integrate with a point-of-sale (POS) system and track sales
  • Monitor your cost, expenses and expenditure seamlessly
  • Data accessibility costs review regularly in executing accurate decisions on managing the quantity of ingredients to order and the vendors to order from with the possible lowest price to make your food price more value for money to your customer thus increasing in revenue
  • Managed your supply chain and logistics provider for delivery service
  • Inventory Management Auto procure and replenish consumables, Monitor the expiry date of your food products to avoid waste
  • Monitor your utilities Bills ( gas, water and utilities)
  • Staff payroll, full time and part time staff management (CPF, attendance, leave and overtime)
  • Customer service (restaurant table booking, email promotions, discount on birthdays)
  • Smart reconciliation tools. Incorporate with accounting programs that predict matches and allow you to reconcile in batches, making this tedious process more accurate, faster and easier to accomplish.
  • Fixed asset management. If you have expensive cutlery, kitchen utensils, machinery, delivery vehicle, computers and decorations that you need to calculates depreciation which is important for tax compilation
  • E-menu system
  • Robot food delivery service
  • Kitchen Order Screen Management system with customer customization order
  • Waiting Queue Management System

How to select a good restaurant accounting software?

Selecting the good restaurant accounting software with a Point of Sales (POS) Systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management should be ideal for a restaurant owner to solve most of the pain points but you still need to dive deep in addressing the root cause where you need a business consultant to access how complex is your business model if your operations is multi locations or single locations. They also need to evaluate the age and skill level of your staff in adopting the new technology. After these assessments then they will recommend you the most appropriate restaurant accounting software to avoid huge investment capital on both software and hardware. The business consultant will also provide you the best advise on the available government grant that you could tap on.  

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