Best Accounting Software For Architects and Engineers

 Managing finance, account and book keeping is certainly not an Architects cup of tea but when it comes to project budgeting and scheduling it is a key concern to them. Keeping on project timeline, receiving progress payment by clients for the work performed, paying sub-contracts is crucial for any architecture firms. During the construction phase the changes is so dynamic and there are so many critical decisions for the architect in order to ensure smooth delivery of the project within budget.

An accounting software and system is a very cost-effective solution that process day-to-day time tracking of project, billing, budget, expenses, accounting and project management as compared to manual methods using Excel spreadsheets which could not get things done efficiently.

Why do you need the best accounting software for architects?

The most important element for best accounting software for architect and engineers is it reduced the administrative paper work, human data errors, provides higher data transparency on the progress of projects and more efficient bookkeeping processes so that you can be more productive and focus more time to work on executing multiple project

What is the best accounting software for architect?

Accounting software for architect is a robust system that enable company to have a time logging system to track time incurred working on multiple jobs or projects and bill customers accurately on their work performed progressively.

It enhance the cash flow management for companies, monitor budget effectively, where all costs can be track by individual job performed, payments received are closely monitored and records of client information are well maintain.

Features of Accounting Software for Architect

Basic Accounting Module

The basic core accounting modules are general ledger, cost budgeting, accounts payable and accounts receivable

Project Management   

Job scheduling, resources allocation, project document, budgeting and forecasting, to ensure more accurate proposals and optimize the deployment of resources.

Time track billing       

Time track billing modules use time sheets and expense reports to capture project plan against the actual costs to eliminate billing discrepancy as well as a good bench mark in estimation for future projects and maximize the cost recovery process.

Customer relationship management (CRM)    

CRM systems manage data of customers in conducting leads generation campaigns, attending to prospect, following up appointment with customer and closing of contract with customer

Audit trail        

Tracking of expenses by individual project by step to eliminate billing errors or an expense that qualifies for reimbursement by client.

Benefits of Accounting Software for Architect and Engineers

It provides high level of account accuracy, clarity, and increases the efficiency and productivity in managing single or multiple projects. Improve the communication channel to avoid duplication task and enable process standardization in the long run

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Additional Business Features

As your business scale and expand it is inevitable that some of the business process get more complex and sophisticated where you need more control and visibility. Process such human resource, sales and purchasing require to be integrated to your ERP accounting software to make it more complete and robust where you do not need to reinvest and restart the implementation process.

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