Professional Accounting Software for Accountant

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Professional Accounting Software For Accountants

Most of the organizations hire Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to manage their financial and statutory accounts. Some smaller companies choose to engage an external professional accountant to perform their accounting services and handle their statutory compliant. Accountants are the subject matter expert who has in-depth knowledge of the local accounting practice and requirement. most of them are using the professional accounting software for accountants to perform their tasks more professionally and efficiently. Accountants are responsible to provide timely and accurate financial information and reports to the senior management to make the informed decision. Thus, investing in the best accounting software will make the accountants more efficient as some of the accounting software can help to gather information such as overdue AR, AP and cash position instantly and the accountants can prepare the month-end report promptly. The accountants can spend more time with the management for strategic planning instead of trying to tally the accounts.

Why accounting software for accountants?

Gone are the days where you need to keep hard copies files and paper document as records. It is really time consuming and non productive in maintaining and retrieving all these accounting records where accountants had to spend long hours sitting in the office checking records and correcting any mistakes due to human errors. With an accounting software for accountant you can be mobile and assess all these records and data anytime anywhere. The software programs will detect any errors and mistake and ensure higher data accuracy.

What type of accounting software for the accounting firm?

Accounting software for Accounting Firm is not any regular accounting software. It must have a more comprehensive features and function to handle different taxes (e.g. Goods and Service Tax (GST), corporate tax and income tax) for different clients to comply with the statutory and regulatory requirement.

Professional accountants need to manage the account for multiple different companies, so the software must be able to categorize and control the access of different data and assign it separately for easy recall. There are various kinds of accounting software that accounting firms will use. Some will provide the software and charge the clients for the accounting services and some will use the client software.

The best accounting software will also provide GST reports, unaudited accounts and XBRL reports. Cloud accounting software has transformed the traditional ways of handling accounting services. Many accounting firms are changing the ways they handle the huge volume of data and information. Modern accounting firms have started to use cloud accounting software and reduce the volume of data entries. The clients have more visibility of the financial position and timely reports. These create a win-win situation for both the accounting firms and clients.

We provide a wide range of the SME accounting software that caters for the need of accounting firms as well as your clients. The following are some of the criteria in selecting the accounting software for the accounting firms and your clients.

Managing Multi-company account

For those accounting firms that use their in-house accounting software, it will be more cost effective to find software that can create multi-entity and multi-currency.

IRAS and GST Compliance

It is very important that the accounting software must be IRAS and GST compliance for tax compilation and filing GST returns on time as well as keeping proper records. All our software are IRAS and GST compliance.

Tax preparation

Corporate and personal income tax preparation for submission is one of the keys and tedious role of a CPA’s job, and CPA accounting software will specific template that supports the preparation will reduce your workload on the submission for your customers.

Time track billing

Time track billing functions enable you to track the time spent on specific projects and bill your clients based on the number of manhours spent. Accounting software should include time and billing capabilities.

Financial reports and XBRL reports

Reporting is one of the key functions of a freelance accountant. On top of the standard executive reports, charts presentation and summary statements, the software should be able to build customized reports using an intuitive app. Our accounting software provides unaudited accounts and XBRL reports that ease your year-end reporting.

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