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The Human Resource Management Systems Singapore is commonly known as HRMS in short. It is a very powerful and very commonly used software for any organization from Small enterprise to Multi-National Companies (MNC). The traditional way of keeping personal records require tons of paper and hardcover files and a secure large metal cabinet with lock. Whenever employees require to update their personal data the Human Resource Staff require to physically retrieve the files and insert in the new records. These records were very often being misplace or lost during relocation. When the Personal Data Protection Law (PDPA) kicks in these data require higher level of access and protection to prevent unauthorized and misappropriate used.

Work From Home  (WHM) had became a new normal nowadays and the access of personal data becomes another challenge for the Human Resource Department (HRD).

Human Resource Management Software in Singapore provides a comprehensive solutions for the HR Department not only to safe guard and protect personal data and allows access base on the need for a purpose where we are able to track who are the user that access the records. It will substantially reduce the massive paperwork, enhance the payroll process by reduction in the tabulation of overtime, management of leaves of different types (e.g. medical leave, study leave, annual leave, no pay leave, hospital leave and off-in lieu)


Why do we need Human Resource Management Systems in Singapore?

In Singapore the Government emphasize on leverage on technology to innovate and increase productivity. In many companies the Human Resource Department require to manage the payroll, recruitment, training, leaves, attendance, punctuality and overtime of the employees. Traditionally we use the attendance book or punch card to monitor the employees in the organization where punch cards can be misplace or forged. Unnecessary time are being wasted in any investigation and purchasing paper materials. Going digital using the Human resource Management Systems will enable your employees to be more  productive, cost effective and focus more time in other areas for continuous improvement development.

The HRMS provide different functions such as :- auto generate payroll and tabulation of overtime, managed staff claims attendance and leave seamlessly using digital submission and approval through the HRMS system. During COVID-19 the system can integrate with temperature recording and Safe Entry.



What benefits using HRMS for an organization?

The HRMS software provide a full fledged Human Resource Management system to your organization and it can be completely developed or customized to cater for your needs

Basic Human Resource Management Software module Include

  • Attendance Management using Mobile Apps – Finger print biometric , face recognition 
  • Leave Management – Employees submission and supervisor or Manager approval on the different kinds of leave
  • Claims submission – Medical claims, dental claims and petty cash claims payment via Giro
  • Payroll Management – Tabulate overtime 
  • Employees Performance Appraisal 
  • Managed Employees Training Schedule and Records
  • Project Management

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