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Operating a Franchise business, as a franchisor you are the expert in your trade (e.g. Mc Donald or 7 eleven) where you need to managed a big cluster of franchisees outlet to ensure your product and service are in consistent top quality. Your business model in franchise management must be efficient and systematic in order to ensure that your franchisee can remain profitable.You need to select a versatile franchise accounting software in Singapore that will help you to manage your monthly franchise fees, increase your sales, monitor costing , track your expenses and managed your monthly payroll costs for staff attain higher customer satisfaction levels. At any time you are able to obtain a full performance reporting data, close eye visibility on your cash flow, reviewing and analyses real-time data on your Franchisee management that provide you up to date on your latest financials anytime.

Using a Cloud Base ERP Franchise Accounting Software Solution

Since your franchise business is multi location using a cloud base ERP franchise accounting software is the recommended choice that will

  • Provide you the flexibility to customize and integrate with different devices e.g. POS , bar code reader, CCTV, cash register, time clocking attendance and warehouse management system
  • Easy and quick in implementation
  • Low monthly subscription cost
  • Minimum investment on infrastructure and hardware cost
  • Free and instantaneous upgrade
  • Data security with firewall and remote multiple location back up
  • built-in consolidation and multi-layered reporting
  • Generate an online quotation within minutes while you are on the go
  • Improve cash flow management with prompt payment received from customer with fast online invoicing and automatic reminders
  • Managed and assess your sales performance and data of different franchise outlet remotely with internet connection
  • Increase the efficiency with full visibility on your operations across multiple locations and optimize your resource deployment (i.e. temp staff during high key or peak period to ease the high work load
  • Evaluate operational and financial information in providing more accurate revenue forecasting
  • Different analytic financial report enables more accurate judgement on business decision
  • Better inventory management and control of raw materials
  • More productive in book keeping and more efficient in managing complex financial structures

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