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Customer Relationship Management Software or commonly known as CRM Software is a highly scalable and powerful solution for businesses in providing important business analysis and strategic data in understanding customer purchasing behavior and managing new sales lead from enquiry to goods and services delivery to customer.

What are the main functions and applications of CRM Software?

CRM is also a small business solution on vendors management as it provides a centralized platform for businesses to

  • store existing customer and new prospect data (
  • track customer interactions status (e.g. phone calls, website visits, social interactions, meetings, RFQ)
  • share customer information within the organization (e.g. email, telephone number, contracts)
  • automate sales with support vendor / partner relationships



Benefits of CRM Software

It allows businesses to manage and build a stronger relationship with customers, helping the business to identify potential opportunities and scale the business, CRM provide more predictive analytics data that allows business to understand expectations of customer assisting in creating multiple targeted sales funnel and focus more attention on the sales campaign that will generate more revenue for the business.

How do I implement CRM software to my business?

In order to effectively implement CRM Software to achieve the best desired results, it is recommend that you speak to an experience and  professional software adviser to walk you through before you start the journey. 21as Pte Ltd had a team of experience and professional advisers that will assist you to review your business objective, goals and strategic plan for your business. We will conduct an in-depth examination and gap study on your current operation processes to understand your challenges. A proposed solution shall be presented to ensure that all the concerns are properly address, gaps are closed and best practices are feasible for implementation before we embark on the implementation of the CRM software.

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